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Noteworthy but Irrelevant: Rubber Bands

Lizzie Wirgau


By No Stretch of the Imagination… by Tiffanie Brunson

“What’s something that you’ve always wondered where it came from?” That’s the question I posed so eloquently to Michael Murray this week in preparation for this week’s blog. His answer was simply: “rubber bands… who thinks of that.” Well, Michael Murray and other readers, you’re about to find out.

In London on March 17, 1845 Stephen Perry of the rubber manufacturing company Messers Perry and Co. patented the first rubber band.  When Perry wanted an alternative way to bind paper and envelopes together, he used his creative genius to invent the rubber band.

Nowadays, rubber bands are used for purposes far beyond what Perry had intended. Whether they’re wrapped in cloth and used to tie hair into a pony or used for rubber band guns, this invention has made its mark on our day to day in a way no one could have anticipated…by no stretch of the imagination.