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DIY: Summer Hair Ties

Taylor Williams

This super easy DIY is so great for the upcoming summer months. Fabric hair ties are perfect for gently styling up your hair, and also look great on your wrist. I am always wearing one of these soft stretchy ties on my arm or in my hair, but it usually takes me a while to find a tie that is the perfect color, size, and thickness for my hair. Making your own is such a great solution! You choose the fabric-elastic, color, and pattern...creating something so bright and simple that will definitely come in handy during the upcoming summer months!




Fabric scissor

Spray bottle

Fabric elastic (usually in the fabric department of any craft store)

Fabric dye


Parchment paper

Rubber bands

1) First things first, you want to mix your dye. To be sure you won’t stain your work surface, lay down parchment paper. Choose any color dye and simply follow the instructions on the bottle. I like using liquid dye because it removes a lot of the measuring and mixing process.

Mix your dye directly in a small spray bottle. This will make applying the dye to your hair ties much easier.


2) Cut your elastic to a size that will perfectly fit your wrist and work for your thickness of hair. I cut mine at about 9 in. To make sure you get a clean cut, use fabric scissors.

3) As soon as your elastic is cut, fold it in half. Tie a tight small knot at the top, trying to get as close to the top as possible while leaving just a little excess elastic that will stick out from the knot.


4) Now comes the best part! I wanted to create a tie-dye look on my hair ties, so I wrapped small rubber bands around my fabric to create a pattern. If you wanted to create a solid look, simply spray the dye all over the hair tie, inside and out. 


5) Lay your ties down on the parchment paper and mist the hair ties with the color using your spray bottle. You can spray on the dye as thick or thin as you would like, depending how dark you want the color to be. Be sure and get all sides of the hair tie. 

6) Now that your tie has been sprayed with dye (and it is probably all over your hands!) leave them to soak up all the color and dry slightly- usually a couple hours. The longer you let the hair ties sit, the more depth the color will have.

7) After the hair ties have sat out for a while, rinse them in cold water until the water runs clear and remove the rubber bands. Let the ties air dry.

Once dry, the hair ties are ready to be worn! Share them with friends and style them alongside your favorite Market Colors Stackables!

Happy Summer!