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Spring Cleaning for the Minimalist in You

Lizzie Randazzo

by Robyn Batts

Spring is a lovely time of year. It signifies a fresh start, and shines a new light on the beautiful things in life. Sometimes, there's just too much clutter built up to see clearly though. Here are a few ways to conduct a cleanup that will leave you feeling rejuvenated internally and externally. 

1.     Cleanin' Out Your Closet

With all the Christmas gift cards and "this weekend only" sales, you've likely accumulated quite a wardrobe over the past several months. If you're anything like me, you've purchased some things that have barely seen the light of day. Go ahead and sift through your closet, removing items you haven't worn in a while. If you have trouble deciding on a specific item, give it a deadline. If you haven't worn it by that date, go ahead and get rid of it! Minimizing your wardrobe will help you feel less overwhelmed, and will guide you toward purchasing items you really love in the future.

2. Fresh Feng Shui

Sometimes, taking what you already have and looking at it in a new way is all you need to freshen things up. Try rearranging your bedroom or living room in a way that feels less cluttered and more open. Too many knick knacks around? Sift through and pick a few items you love to keep the vibes going. You'll feel much more refreshed in a simpler version of the place you already call home.

3. Detox Your Schedule 

The older I get, the more I feel like my schedule is running my life. Yet as much as I hate that feeling, I keep piling on more and more until every free moment is filled and sleep has become an afterthought. (Anyone out there know what I'm talking about?) Here's an idea. Take a look at your schedule and reevaluate where your time is spent. Remove the things that exhaust and take the life out of you. What are the non-negotiables? If yoga on Tuesdays after work keeps you sane, make that a priority! If you need time with friends to feed your extroverted appetite, choose a couple events to attend. Remember that you control your schedule. You don't have to say yes to everything. By freeing up more time in your schedule, you won't feel as worn down and will actually get to reallocate that time toward rest and other things that give you life.

4. Detox Your Kitchen

Are there things you don't want to reach for anymore? Then, get them out of reach! I for one know how little self-discipline I can have when that pan of brownies or bag of chips is constantly around. Simplifying your diet for a bit, and eating more organically can help you feel tons better. Try keeping only the freshest of things in your kitchen for a bit, and become a junk food minimalist. Chances are, you'll have more energy, and more self-control in the future.

5. Focus on a Few

Leisure time is the buried treasure of adulthood. Sometimes the multitude of amazing Netflix options and long list of books to read can actually make your downtime feel overwhelming. Sift through your lists and focus on one or two things at a time. Having too many things too invest in can make you feel crazy, but walking through one story at a time can be just the healthy distraction you need to escape for a little bit.