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Market Colors is an online store and nonprofit organization. Our team collaborates with craftsmen in Africa and India to create handmade products that will sell well throughout the world. We exist to equip African men and women with a sustainable income, generated through the sale of their products.


Our Favorite Things: July

Lizzie Wirgau

by Lizzie Wirgau


1. Fancy Milkshake RecipeWhat in the world says summer better than a milkshake with bright colored sprinkles? This mountain of goodness has a grand total of 3 ingredients! We love the Cooking Classy site because many of their yummy recipes look so impressive but are actually very easy to make. We kind of love food here at Market Colors! And those sprinkles? So fancy.

2. XOXO EarringsBy popular request from our interns, these little guys made the blog! I know why the girls love them… there’s just something about cute things that are tiny. Good finds on Etsy really are the best. All of the goodies from L.A. Osborn’s Etsy site are gorgeous. Be sure to check out her shop here!

3. Phone CasesWe love Wallflower Design Company! This incredible company was started by Amanda Opferman. Amanda is an amazing 17-year-old with extraordinary skill and has grown Wallflower to have around 97k followers on Instagram within a few months. We actually met her via Instagram. Amanda loved our work (and we loved her designs too!) and she wanted to help by designing cases inspired by our clutches from Kenya. Visit our store to buy your own case for an iPhone 4, iphone 5, or Galaxy!

4. 9th Letter PressI had my first tour of 9th Letter Press about a year ago. Isabel, the founder, showed me around the studio and introduced me to their massive letterpress. After a design is crafted, each card is manually pressed. Isabel’s designs are beautiful, quirky, and sentimental. She also does custom designs for weddings, birthday parties, and any gathering you could dream up! We love her.

5. Glorious Ruins by HillsongI organize my life by what songs I was thinking of during that season. Is that weird? For example, Ben Kweller will always remind me of being 15 and having my mom drop me off at the movies with my middle-school best friend, Gabriella. Hillsong will always remind me of a pivotal time in my life… the months right before I had the crazy dream to start Market Colors. God did some work on me through their songs. Their new live album “Glorious Ruins” is incredible. Stop what you’re doing and go to iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, or whatever your music program of choice may be, and take a listen.

6. DIY TowelI absolutely love this craft idea by Southbound Suarez. All you need to make this cute beach towel is a solid colored towel, a bleach pen, masking tape, stencils (hand make your own), pom or tassel trim, and access to a sewing machine. If you have the patience, you could also hand-sew your creation. Visit this link for more info and pictures.

7. The Hyppo“Have you been to Hyppo?” “Let’s go to Hyppo!” “Hyppo is sooo good.” Okay, peeps, I get it. I feel like all I’ve been hearing about the past two months are raves about Hyppo and their gourmet ice pops, aka popsicles. Their flavors change daily, but when I was last at their downtown Orlando store, they had Riesling Pear and Strawberry Basil among other fresh flavors. Their method of flash freezing is what makes these pops so darn smooth and soft. The two Hyppo shops are located in Orlando and St. Augustine. But really… they are worth traveling for.

Check back next month for more of our favorites. If you have anything you think would be a good addition to our Favorite Things posts, please email us at with suggestions of new goodies to try!