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Market Colors is an online store and nonprofit organization. Our team collaborates with craftsmen in Africa and India to create handmade products that will sell well throughout the world. We exist to equip African men and women with a sustainable income, generated through the sale of their products.


Our Favorite Things: August '13

Lizzie Wirgau

by Emily Moore Is it already August? My, how this summer has flown by and here we are, looking at a new school year. This month's Favorite Things was curated by our friend, Emily. Emily loves coffee, cat-lady things, and rollerblading (even though she is seriously prone to falls). With back to school in mind, here are some of Emily's favorites.


1. The Seven Year Pen

It may be a little strange, but I love taking notes. There is no greater feeling than having a perfectly smooth pen glide across my college-ruled, spiral bound notebook. No typing notes for this girl. This pen’s selling point is that it has seven years’ worth of ink in it (assuming I don’t lose it first!) I look forward to testing this and will let you know in approximately seven years.

2. Market Colors - Yoga Bag

School is stressful. All the homework, deadlines, cramming, and late night study sessions can take their toll on your body. Yoga provides a great mind and body work out that helps keep me sane during my busy semester. And what is better than a cute yoga bag to carry everything in? Even if you have never done yoga, this bag will make you look like a pro- no one needs to know the truth.

3. Exuma Pants

These pants break the fashion rule that you have to give up comfort for style! They can be dressed up or down so they are perfect for a lunch date or a night on the town. In tons of colors and patterns, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect pair that speaks to you.  They are so comfy you could sleep in them, but let’s face it—they are too cute to not show off.

4. Broiled Grapefruit

Everyone at the Market Colors office is obsessed with this summer snack! I was a little hesitant to try this recipe though—broilers and I have had a long and sometimes rocky relationship. I can honestly say, though, that I was able to make these without burning down my kitchen, which means it really is easy. But how could something so easy and simple to make taste so darn good? It cannot be explained except that they are warm and sweet and juicy, and it will take all the strength you have to stop after one. These are perfect for a summer afternoon snack, or dessert, or breakfast… whenever.

5. Fooducate App

I first found out about this app from a friend in school, who, one day during our lunch break, asked if she could scan the packaging of my Healthy Choice meal. Even though I was thoroughly confused, I handed her the packaging and watched as she brought her phone up to the barcode and proceeded to nod her head and say, “not too bad”. She must have seen the curious look on my face and began to show me this fooducate app. This app recognizes the food you scan, and then provides nutritional information, a rating (A-F scale), and also healthier alternatives in that category. It is awesome!  I downloaded it on the spot and as soon as I got home I began frantically scanning everything in my kitchen- yogurt, goldfish crackers, cereal, anything!

6. Paper Bird’s album “Rooms”

Around every six months or so, I go through a different music phase. Currently I am on a folky kick and when I am not listening to Mumford and Sons, I am probably listening to Paper Bird. I had the pleasure of seeing this band live at a small venue and was completely blown away by their performance. They were fantastic and some of the nicest people I ever met. I’ve been obsessed with this new album of theirs and it is the perfect album to blast in the car with the windows down. Singing along and dancing is also recommended, particularly for the tracks “As I Am”, “Blood and Bones”, and “Hold it Down”.

7. The Learning Tea

Founded by Katrell Christie, The Learning Tea is a scholarship program for young Indian girls to become educated and have opportunities they have never dreamed of. Hearing about the conditions these girls have lived through and how The Learning Tea gives them the ability to hope is truly inspiring. I have been so lucky to be able to go to college, and to see what these girls go through really puts it in perspective. When I return to school this month I am not going to dwell on all the homework and studying I have to do but I will take it as a reminder of how blessed my life has been.