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Market Colors is an online store and nonprofit organization. Our team collaborates with craftsmen in Africa and India to create handmade products that will sell well throughout the world. We exist to equip African men and women with a sustainable income, generated through the sale of their products.


Market Colors Office Updates

Lizzie Wirgau

by Jessica Porter

The Market Colors office resides upstairs within Summit Church, above all the goings-on below of people in the lobby and sanctuary. Since the church used to be an old movie theater, there is definitely an abundance of space upstairs. However, where there used to be movie reels and projectors, now there is space to house the workings of Market Colors (and the Children of the Nations office just down the hall). But it wasn't exactly ready to be an office upon arrival. It was, let's just say...awkward. The walls were an interesting shade of sea foam green with patches here and there of exposed drywall (super cute). To add to the awkwardness, there was a wall four feet high jutting out about 15 feet into the middle  of the space—helpful for Hide-and-Seek, not so much for a work environment. That wall definitely had to go.

photo 11

And so the work began. The wall was knocked down, taken out and never thought of again...until this blog, of course. As for the walls, the sea foam color wasn't terrible - it was almost soothing - but the walls needed something else. We painted one wall a deep red for a pop of  color. On that wall we added photos from our  travels, friends we've met along the way,  portraits of our unforgettable craftsmen, and a  map of  where we've been and where we've yet  to go.


Topping off that wall were some recycled Christmas lights to frame the photos, and the wall was complete! It never hurts to have a nice view when you're working. Too bad there are no windows in our office. No matter! We solved that problem by adding our own little product display wall as decoration. From Namibia Necklaces to our lovely Clutches, this wall displays inspiration.


Our next challenge was what to do about lighting. Round paper lanternsoverhead from Ikea add an enchanting and whimsical feel to the space. And here and there a cute little lamp (thanks again, Ikea!) gives off a soft glow and adds to the room’s cozy feel.

     Of course, our products needed a home too. Thanks to some wonderful volunteers, shelving was built to organize all of our products neatly and for easy access. A crafty addition of chalkboard  paint made labeling each product’s space a dream. Every product has a place and every place has a product.

As we began putting the finishing touches on the space, we couldn't resist adding a few of our own "Market Colors" additions. Plain wooden table looking a little boring? Add a Table Runner for color and texture. Dark carpet has you feeling dreary? Add a few Accent Rugs to brighten things up.

 Lastly, a makeshift coffee bar because, is always necessary. And because you never know when you'll need sprinkles and caramel syrup. After some creative thinking and lots of hard work, the awkward arena was transformed into what is now our cozy Market Colors office.