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Market Colors is an online store and nonprofit organization. Our team collaborates with craftsmen in Africa and India to create handmade products that will sell well throughout the world. We exist to equip African men and women with a sustainable income, generated through the sale of their products.


Market Colors Internship

Lizzie Randazzo

by Lizzie Randazzo

Since I launched the Market Colors online store in 2012, we've had anywhere from two to six interns each semester. These girls (guys, despite popular belief, you ARE welcome to apply too!) have done so much to cultivate growth within our organization. In addition, I'm blessed to have been able to get to know many great girls that I may not have gotten the chance to meet otherwise. Our interns have taught me numerous Photoshop shortcuts, the Stanky Leg, how to sustain a terrarium, and a whole lot about how to be a good leader.

Our interns don't get us coffee and paint our nails. It's actually quite the opposite. No, I don't typically do their nails but we do work as a team. If you are looking for an internship where you simply observe and don't get your hands dirty, our internship would probably let you down. I've created a strong orientation program so that our interns are fully informed of the ins and outs of Market Colors. This knowledge empowers them to take ownership over their specific projects. Previous intern roles have been graphic design, photography, product development, social media outreach, marketing, and event planning.

Erin, Summer 2014 Intern:

"My time at Market Colors has been such an amazing experience. I really couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable and worthwhile internship. Robyn and Lizzie are so passionate about what they do and they work hard to create a work environment that is welcoming and productive. When you intern at Market Colors, you become part of the Market Colors family and that’s a great feeling. Another great aspect of this internship is the amount of hands-on experience you receive with their "all hands on deck" mindset. You have your daily responsibilities but you also work as a team to accomplish the goal for that day or week. One of the best things about this internship is knowing the work you are doing is having a positive impact across the globe. Market Colors is there for the craftsman and everything they do reflects that."

MC Summer 2014-170.jpg

Michelle, Summer 2014 Intern:

"Interning with Market Colors has been a great experience. My favorite part about being an intern is that I am encouraged to be involved with multiple aspects of the organization. This summer I have learned about tasks within social media marketing, wholesale outreach, and blogger publicity. Through watching the Market Colors team in action, I have seen the immense amount of work and dedication that it takes to keep an organization running. I am so thankful to be working in such a positive environment that encourages interns to share new ideas and help develop strategies for the future success of Market Colors."


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