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It's Still Scarf Season

Jessica Porter

by Jessica Porter | photos by Lizzie Randazzo

As we head out of winter and into spring you may feel like it's time to pack up your warm clothes and break out the swim suits. That might be true, depending on where you live of course (shout out to everyone still dealing with "Snowpocalypse 2015", hang in there!). But you'll need a few transition pieces while the weather is still trying to figure itself out. Enter my favorite accessory…scarves!

I love pieces with a little flash and a ton of versatility. A scarf is an easy completer accessory to throw on as I'm headed out the door--whether I’m going to work, meeting friends for coffee or getting dolled up for a night out. Not to mention, it keeps me nice and cozy.

I like to get creative when it comes to tying scarves, but sometimes an infinity scarf is just the way to go. There's no fuss and I feel like they always lay perfectly! When keeping it casual these infinity scarves can take a boring outfit to the next level. I mean seriously, I'm wearing jeans and a white knit top, but adding that Dreamscape Infinity Scarf pulls the whole outfit together.

I told you I like to get creative when tying scarves, so we thought we'd try some different ties with the Woodland Infinity Scarf. Can you just leave your infinity in a big loop? SURE! Let it add some length to your look and show off all those colors!

(And don’t forget to try the "hood" look, it's just fun!)

I LOVED this tie. Just a simple loop knot at the bottom and you've got another unique look. This one also isn't as toasty because you only have one layer of fabric around your neck. (Southerners this one's for you.)

So we know you can wear these scarves casually but what about dressed up? Of course! As we transition into spring let me tell you, I will be living in my maxi dress. You can always add a statement necklace to fancy things up but why not add some texture and beauty? The Heathered Snowfall Scarf is hands down my fav. Its delicate pattern and soft colors add the perfect amount of class to a simple dress.

Creating a little interwoven tie lets the scarf lay a little closer to you if you need that extra warmth. And it's easier than it looks too.

  1. Put the ends of your scarf together so it's folded in half.
  2. Put the half around the back of your neck so you have the loop on one side and ends on the other.
  3. Take one end put in under the loop, take the other end and put it over the loop. Boom! Done!

If you ask me, scarves are acceptable year-round. Keep them casual, get creative with tying and dress them up! See, it's still scarf season.