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How To Go A Week Without Washing Your Hair

Amanda Harris


By: Amanda Harris

Life is hectic at times. Days are just not long enough and sleep becomes scarce. Little tasks, like washing my long untamable lion mane take up way too much of my time. If I wash it every day, it cuts into my sleep hours and I am not about that. So ladies, this is a judgement-free zone. How long have you gone without washing your hair?

Whether you wash your hair every other day or twice a week, I have created a list of fun tricks and products that improve the look of unwashed hair!


Day One: It's important to wash your hair with products that do not contain lots of oils. The best I have found is Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day shampoo and conditioner. It's designed to keep hair cleaner longer.

Day Two: My hair is a little flat, but the grease is under control. I like to spray Tresemme’s dry shampoo on my roots and behind my ears to keep it looking as fresh as possible. If a spray doesn’t work for your hair, you can try Oscar Blandi Pronto’s dry shampoo. It’s a powder that can be applied directly to your roots then massaged into your scalp.

Day Three: Today my hair is looking a little bland. I’ve used as much dry shampoo as I can and I’m ready to get creative. I can go one of two ways with my hair. I either can throw it up in a twisted updo, OR I can mist my bangs/roots then blow dry. I prefer the latter so I can wear my hair down one more day. I use a heat protectant spray every time I blow dry to keep my hair from frying. My favorite right now is Blow Pro’s Heat Is On spray.

Day Four: Braids, Ponytails and Buns...your options are endless! I like to add a little hairspray and tease my roots for any of the styles I choose for this day. My “go to” hairstyle is the twisted up knot. It is super-easy and is really great at hiding the grease.

Day Five: Congratulations! You have successfully made it to Hat Day! This is my favorite day, because I just throw on a hat and do not have to worry about styling. If your outfit of the day does not require a hat, don’t worry. You have other options, for example,  the “slicked-back ponytail” look is a great way to look fierce and professional. All you have to do is put your hair in a ponytail and layer on that hair spray. Another option is a headband. My favorite way to wear one is setting the headband on top of my hair and then flipping the ends up into it.  

Day Six: This is the day to wash your hair. Personally, I cannot go any longer without washing my hair, but I do know women who can, so do not be discouraged if you are feeling the need to stretch into another day. You can use these tricks when your hair is super greasy or it is simply unruly. You now have the tools to tame and style your hair while still giving it a break from daily washings.