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5 Ways to Wake Up at Your Best

Lindsay Brendel

By: Lindsay Brendel

Coming out of a seven-year coma is how most of us would describe the feeling of waking up and entering the real world again in the morning. We force ourselves to break up with our bedspreads because it's not them, its you. And we part from our pillows, telling ourselves they’re out of our league anyway.

Fear not -- it doesn’t always have to feel like it’s an uphill battle or like you’re leaving a vegetative state each morning. I have five ways to wake up at your best that will surely get you and your bed back on good terms. After following these, you won’t leave your house feeling like you friend-zoned your mattress each morning and instead will have nothing short of an amazing day.

1. Positivity Please
Start off your morning with a positive affirmation about the day that lies ahead. After the alarm is silenced, force a smile on that beautiful face for a few seconds and tell yourself how great your day is going to be. This will set the tone for your entire day and help you appreciate the morning instead of resenting it. After all, you did wake up this morning. You’re already better off than some and remembering that can only help. Happy thoughts equal happy people.

2. Stop Snooze Button Abuse 2015
Ask yourself the tough questions: Do those ten extra minutes really matter? Are you really going to feel more rested if you snooze your alarm the first thirteen times it goes off?

The answer is no. I know that’s hard to hear but to wake up at your best, turn off your alarm when it starts ringing and begin your day right then and there. Resist the very strong urge to snooze that annoying alarm over and over again. This only makes you more tired when you really must get out of bed in the morning. Falling back asleep for ten and fifteen minutes at a time is like a tease to your body and sleep cycle. You can do it! Give your snooze button a break! I mean, what did it ever really do to you?

3. Wake Up and Smell The Coffee
For those coffee drinkers out there, imagine a world where the first thing you smell in the morning is the warm aroma of fresh brewing coffee all around you. If that doesn’t raise you out of bed alone, I don’t know what will. Set your coffee pot on auto brew the night before so you and your coffee pot wake up at the same time every morning. This will be the boost you need knowing that there’s fresh caffeine waiting for you in the kitchen. All you have to do now is find your way there.

Not a coffee drinker? Think of what makes you happy in the morning and helps wake you up. Maybe try leaving a nice tall glass of orange juice in your favorite cup in the fridge the night before. In the morning then all you will have to do is open the door and ta-da!

4. Freeze right there… put your hands where I can see them!
An important part of waking up at your best is stretching those muscles first thing. Before actually getting too far from your bed in the morning, take a moment or two and stretch it out. Igniting your body for the rest of the day that follows will make every movement pre-coffee and post feel easier and less stiff. Put your arms over your head, wiggle to the left, to the right, maybe even touch your toes if you’re feeling saucy. You’ll be thankful later you did.

5. PSA - There is not a time restriction on your dance moves*
Who cares what time of day it is? Listening to music in the morning while waking up and getting ready will have you feeling great by the time you leave your home. Playing some upbeat music in the morning instantly has you awake and before you know it you’ll forget your tiredness and all things that have you saying you don’t want to wake up.  *Warning: For the remainder of the day you will be inclined to random dancing and will be all around happier.  

No one said waking up at your best was easy, but rest assured it is not as hard as it may seem. Start small if you feel like mornings just are not your thing. Whether we classify ourselves as a night person, morning person, or an I-just-like-to-sleep person, following these five ways to wake up each morning will make you the token overly-happy-waker-upper in your friend group.  What’s the worst that could happen by giving it a try? Don’t put your bed or alarm clock in the doghouse so easily. Just switch up your routine and you’ll be amazed at the great mornings you have.