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DIY: Painted Notebook

Lizzie Randazzo

by Erin Lawless

Want to brighten your mood as you spend long hours sitting in class? Try own new DIY and turn your generic, boring notebooks into stylish and unique journals. This project is a lot of fun and allows for complete creative freedom! Have fun making something you really love!

- notebook
- painters tape
- acrylic paint
- canvas
- mod podge
- scissors
- paint brushes
- pencil
- ruler

Part 1: Cover the notebook

First, trace the outline of your notebook onto the inside of the fabric. With a ruler, draw a dashed line 1 inch from the notebook outline. Cut along the dashed line.

Next, copy the lines shown in the image below. Fold the drawn tabs along the book to ensure the canvas fully covers the notebook. You might need to adjust your drawn lines to fit your notebook.

Cut out the excess fabric.

With a paintbrush, apply mod podge to the cover of the notebook. Close the book and press the inside of the canvas to the cover. Allow the mod podge to dry for a few minutes before continuing.


Next you will begin folding the edges in. Apply mod podge to the L1 and L2 and fold in. Next, apply mod podge to W1-W4 and fold in. Finally, apply a small amount of mod podge to the short, center pieces and tuck them into the book spine.

Allow the cover to fully dry.


Part 2: Paint the notebook

First, apply the tape to create a pattern that you like. Make sure the tape is securely attached to the canvas.

Apply the paint to the different marked off sections.

Once the paint is fully dried, remove the tape to see your creation! There may be sections where the painted seeped under the tape. This can easily be fixed by using a small paintbrush to smooth the edges.

Enjoy your new creation!