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DIY: Flower Crown

Cece Willis

By: Cece Willis

It’s officially summer! The perfect time for music festivals, photo ops, and special occasions. Flower crowns are so pretty and such a great accessory, but sometimes the ones at the mall are too big or not very natural looking, so it is great to be able to customize one yourself. So pick your favorite flowers, colors, and accents that compliment your personal style and let’s get started! 


Silk Flowering bush (or stems) of your choice—with one bush I was able to make two crowns with flowers covering about 1/3 of the wire

Scissors (or wire cutters if you have a hard time cutting the stems)

Green floral coiled wire

Grapevine Wire

I got all my supplies at Hobby Lobby in the floral section (they have a 40% off coupon always available on their website, and often have flowering bushes for 50% off). But you can get flowers at any craft store. 


Step 1: Take the grapevine wire and shape it into a circle that comfortably fits the size of your head. Cut it to size, leaving a few extra inches so you can twist the wire together.

Step 2: If you're using a flowering bush, the flowers can easily pop right off of the bush, no cutting required. If you're using a stem, cut the top of the flower off leaving about an inch from the top so you can wrap it on the grapevine wire more easily. Take the coiled wire, cut about a 6-inch piece, and wrap it around the base of the silk flower or the remaining tip of the stem. Take a few minutes to play with the placement of the flowers on the grapevine wire to see what look you prefer before making anything official. 

Step 3: Take the flower with the wrapped coiled wire and place it on the grapevine wire where you decided. Wrap the coiled wire tightly around the grapevine wire, making sure the flower stays in place. (I placed it so that it would cover the twisted grapevine wire, but of course you don’t have to cover it if you want to add some flare to the back of the crown.) Repeat this step, starting from the smallest flower and making your way up to the largest flower so it is easier to manipulate the wires when needed.

And done! It is super simple and takes under 20 minutes once you figure out the rhythm of things. Here are the two crowns I made with a flowering bush and one stem:

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