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DIY: Floral Fall Wreath

Amanda Harris

By: Amanda Harris

It’s that time of year again, time for pumpkin-spice everything, oversized sweaters, boots, and cozying up on the sofa. Fall is here, and time to decorate! What better way to show the spirit of fall than to make your own floral fall wreath. 

What you’ll need: 
Foam ring
Flowers, berries, leaves
Wire cutters and/or scissors
Anything you would like on your wreath (mini pumpkins, mini baskets, mini everything!)
Although all craft stores sell these items, I found mine at Joann’s. They have fall flowers for 50% off

Step 1: Cut your flowers off their stems, leaving a one-inch stem on each flower.

Step 2: Take the biggest flowers and sporadically stab them into the foam ring. For instance, I took the yellow flowers first and spread them out around the ring. Continue this process until all flowers are used.  

Step 3: Once all the flowers are placed on the wreath, stab the leaves onto the foam ring to cover up the green spots. 

Step 4: Final touches. This is when you add the fun miscellaneous pieces. I just added a few berries on this one, but the more the merrier.

Congratulations! Your masterpiece is finished and looks amazing. It’s time to hang it on your door for the world to see!