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DIY: Boot Socks

kassidy porter

By Kassidy Porter

If you are anything like me, as soon as September rolls around you break out every sweater, Halloween costume, and pumpkin candle you own. My favorite fall accessories are the boots and boot socks, which can be pretty pricey. However, if there's Goodwill, there's a way! Here’s how to make boot socks with an old sweater or decorative ankle socks for less than five dollars!

Supplies:  -Pair of scissors  -Old sweater  -Pair of decorative socks


-Pair of scissors

-Old sweater

-Pair of decorative socks


Start by taking your sweater and laying it with the sleeves out. Cut the sleeves about half way down, keeping the wrist cuff intact.


When putting them on, it’s up to you how you much you want to show out of your boot. Just slide the sock around your leg and voila! Your legs are warmer and everyone is asking where your adorable socks came from.


Another way to make boot socks is to cut a pair of decorative ankle socks (preferably not from Goodwill). I bought mine at Target for only four dollars. Lay the socks out and cut just above where the heel of your foot would go.


The top part of the sock can now be pulled up above your boot for a pop of color and design! (You also can keep the bottom half as a new footie sock.)


Have fun with this and try new colors and designs for different looks! You will be the trendiest girl in the room without having to worry about your budget.