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Market Colors is an online store and nonprofit organization. Our team collaborates with craftsmen in Africa and India to create handmade products that will sell well throughout the world. We exist to equip African men and women with a sustainable income, generated through the sale of their products.


Craftsmen Profiles: Lilly

Lizzie Wirgau

Last time, you met Stella with Blue Door, one of Market Colors’ partners in Africa, located in the Gulu district of northern Uganda. The women who work at Blue Door are very skilled at bead making and Blue Door gives them a source of sustainable income and a source of hope.

Who: Lilly Where: Gulu, Uganda With: Blue Door

Craftsmen - Acan Lilly
Craftsmen - Acan Lilly

For Lilly, Blue Door means so much. As a 30-year-old unmarried mother of four children, she also cares for six other children. She is a peasant farmer in Gulu, and she began bead making with the Blue Door project when it started in November of 2011. Lilly enjoys bead making more than gardening. The extra income she earns at Blue Door allows this optimistic lady to support her family better than when she was only doing agricultural activities. Lilly’s joy lies in prayer and the care of her ten children as she raises them up in her supportive community. I am inspired by Lilly's strength and determination as a mother; even though six of these children are not her own, she treats them as family.

When you buy the gorgeous peachy CARDONE Blush Bracelet and Blush Necklace, you support the women of Blue Door. This product was partially funded by CARDONE Industries. By purchasing these products, you provide families like Lilly’s with a source of sustainable income.