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5 Ways to Have Adventures on a Budget

Lizzie Randazzo

  Cold Brew Coffee from  Lineage Coffee                                                                                Seen at  Black Hammock             

  Cold Brew Coffee from Lineage Coffee                                                                               Seen at Black Hammock            

by Michelle Hockenbrocht 

It’s pretty tricky nowadays to find adventure on a budget. Everything seems to cost an arm and a leg, and you never know if it’ll be worth the high price sticker. This summer living in a new city has taught me a thing or two about finding fun on a slim budget. Here are a few things that I learned:

1.    Look at a map. This summer has been all about adventure. I’ve gone the “old-school” route and simply zoomed in on the Maps app on my phone (ok, not THAT old school) and found the nearest lake, park, or landmark that caught my eye and just went for it. Sometimes this technique is a miss, but I’ve discovered it’s mostly a hit. And I’ve realized that it’s more about the journey and the people you’re with rather than the destination.

2.    Go to outings that you typically wouldn’t go to. I think a significant aspect of adventure is feeling completely out of your comfort zone. I can say, after going to my fair share of organization’s events at the local university (and even a salsa class at the local community center), that going alone is out of my comfort zone. Yet, it can be a learning experience and, while sometimes unseen at the time, an adventure. And let me tell you, those few minutes of feeling out-of-place turned into a great summer with the new friends I met when I had the courage to travel solo.

3.    Find free events. Try to find a free movie screening downtown, concert, or other local events. All it takes it is bit of Google searching and you’re guaranteed an adventure.

4.    Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. Now, I’m not saying fly to London because that certainly would not be a cheap option for traveling. But, I am saying, go do something you’ve always wanted to. So many times I have a list of things I want to do but I just never get around to it. If you want adventure start by going to that one place or doing that one thing that’s always been on your mind. Personal example: I went to a state park here in FL. Yes, a state park. Most states have quite a few of them. Typically there is a small fee (the one I explored was $6 a car) but you get to spend the whole day in the great outdoors. And although I was a bit skeptical at first, it was definitely one of the best places I’ve visited.

5.    Grab some friends. I’m a believer in adventuring and trying new things alone. However, I think inviting company on an adventure allows for even more stories and laughs. And with friends, it doesn’t matter what you are doing (you could even just be trying a scoop of ice-cream at a new place) because it’ll always turn into an adventure.

Adventuring only works when you're willing to taking a risk to step outside what is comfortable. GO FOR IT! Take an afternoon and explore. You've got nothing to lose.