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Market Colors is an online store and nonprofit organization. Our team collaborates with craftsmen in Africa and India to create handmade products that will sell well throughout the world. We exist to equip African men and women with a sustainable income, generated through the sale of their products.


3 Reasons to Stop Worrying and Go For It

Lizzie Randazzo

by Robyn Batts

There are a million reasons why you shouldn't go after your dreams and passions, but here are three reasons why you should.

1. It's not too late.

I know it seems like every great musician was a proficient guitarist by the age of 8, and most Olympians pretty much start training in preschool. It's not too late for you though. You haven't missed your chance! If you have found something that excites you and brings you to life, it doesn't matter if you're 5 or 75, it's worth doing. There is no substitute for hard work and dedication, but don't pass up the opportunity to use those skills because of your age.

2. Fear is not your leader!

It might feel like it sometimes, but it's not. I'm not going to lie. There are a thousand things that could go wrong, and everything might not work out the way you hoped it would. But what if it does?!  Every great path involves risk, but if you let fear and worry dictate your steps, you'll never open yourself up to opportunity.

3. You're good enough.

Everyone feels like they're not at some point. It's part of being human. But can you imagine what the world would be like if all those who thought they weren't good enough never went for it? I'd venture to say we might still be riding around in horse-and-buggies with a real shortage of good pop music. Know that there will be challenges in life, but you are capable of taking them on, growing through them, and doing something awesome. You're the only you available to the world, so don't let the rest of us miss out on what you have to offer!