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20 Things to do Instead of Spending Money

Lizzie Randazzo

By: Lindsey Yaros

Low on cash?  Here are some fun ways to have a good time without spending money!

1.     Go to a park. Who doesn’t love the great outdoors?  Grab some friends or go alone, get some fresh air, soak up some vitamin D and enjoy life.

2.     Check out books or movies from the library - one word: FREE. 

3.     Play board games. Invite some friends over, go old school with a game of Guess Who or laugh it up with Apples to Apples.

4.     Build a fort. Re-live your childhood, grab some blankets and chairs and have some fun.

5.     Volunteer. There are tons of places that need your help in the community, like food banks or homeless shelters. Give back to those in need!

6.     Go for a hike. Another opportunity to explore the great outdoors, there are plenty of trails in any state.

7.     Have a sleep-over. Invite your friends over and have a girls night, watch movies, paint your nails, make some drinks, spend some quality time catching up with your friends. Guys can do this too!

8.     Take lessons on YouTube. I totally recommend this one! Have you always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, knit, or play solitaire? There are plenty of YouTube channels with free videos on how to basically do anything you can think of.

9.     Have a potluck. Invite your friends over, have everyone bring a food item, and you have a free meal.

10. Take on a DIY project. You know you have an entire board on Pinterest dedicated to DIY, so here is your chance to make those projects a reality.

11. Check out your community calendar. There are always free events going on in the community, such as concerts, festivals, arts shows, etc.

12. Take your dog to the dog park. Or if you don’t have a dog, take your friend's dog. Little Fido will love you for this.

13. Work out. Play Frisbee, go for a run/walk. Bottom line, be active.

14. Go swimming. Many community pools are free, or find a lake or river to explore.

15. Visit a museum. Many museums are free or admission is by donation. Check your community paper for listings.

16. Have an instagram scavenger hunt. Grab some friends, head to a mall and have an instagram scavenger hunt. No doubt, you will have an awesome time and great laughs.

17. Have a garage sale. If you’re low on funds, this is a great way to get rid of things you don’t need and get some extra cash.

18. Play old video games. You know you still have your old NES or Nintendo 64, so it’s time you bust them out and play some Mario Kart or Donkey Kong. Before you know it, five hours will fly by and you’ll think, "Whoa, my life rocks."

19. Have a film festival. Ask friends to bring movies or use some of your own. Have a Harry Potter or chick flick marathon. Your festival could go on for days.

20. Geocaching. This is a new favorite of mine. Got friends? A phone? You’ll have some great fun!